Global Mint Industry

Image: Monnaie De Paris

Mints have been producing coins and currency for more than a thousand years. Today, there are many mints around the world, and around 800 different coin denominations.

Each mint draws on the artistic and technological skill of their coin-makers to celebrate the heritage of their nations, recognise significant events and people, and produce coins of beauty and enduring worth.

Coins for Economies

The mint industry’s main focus is the circulation of coinage. This includes the design, security and cost-effective production of coins, as well as their handling, distribution and management in circulation.

As manufacturers, exporters and employers the mint industry contributes to millions of lives every day, supplying coins that are crucial to the daily transactions that underpin life.


In addition to their economic value, coins produced by the mint industry are an enduring embodiment of national identity and heritage.

Whether depicting flora and fauna, landscapes and landmarks, or people and events of national significance, coins provide a lasting record of the things and moments that each nation values.

View the latest national coin collections produced by IMDN Member Mints.

Art & Science

Today’s mint industry combines the ancient craft of engraving with state-of-the-art metalworking technology to produce its coin collections.

Learn more about the art and science of coin-making.

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