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About the MDC

The Mint Directors Conference (MDC) is the peak body of government mints worldwide. It was founded in 1962 by the directors of 10 Western European mints: Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Initially the MDC was an association of colleagues and friends who attended the meetings as Directors of Mints, not as representatives of their governments. Today the organisation represents the national mints of 41 countries and over 100 industry representatives.

The MDC promotes awareness of the mint industry’s role, contribution and significance. It also works collaboratively with Member Mints to promote the development and prolonged use of coinage within their nations to ensure maximised returns to their governments and their communities.

MDC members regularly meet to exchange industry information and share innovations, gathering annually at the World Money Fair and bi-annually at the Mint Directors Conference.

The MDC Secretariat was created in 1996 and the role is currently provided by the Executive Director, Ross Macdiarmid.

MDC Objectives

The objectives of the members of the MDC are to:

  • exchange information on all monetary matters and related legal, economic, technical, administrative and numismatic questions of common interest
  • cooperate in the study and mutual solution of questions in these spheres
  • promote the study of and research into all coin matters including the implications of new means of payment.

2021 MDC Executive Committee

The governing body of the Mint Directors Conference is the MDC Executive Committee, comprising the President, Vice President and Executive Director.

A new Executive Committee is elected every two years at the Mint Directors Conference event.

Mr Jahng-Shick Bahn
Korea Minting, Security Printing and ID Card Operating Corp. (KOMSCO)

Vice President
Ms Honey Mamabolo
South African Mint

Executive Director (with Secretariat responsibilities)
Mr Ross MacDiarmid

MDC Members

Since its inception, membership of the MDC has grown to include 41 Members and more than 50 Associate Members.

Member Mints

Eligibility: Entities that produce legal tender coins for general circulation in their own countries.

List of Member Mints.

Special Members

Eligibility: Treasuries, Central banks or similar issuing authorities.

Associate Members

Eligibility: Entities active in the coinage industry or business, official associations of coin users, scientific institutions, raw material suppliers, and dealers.

List of Associate Members.

MDC Committees

The MDC forms special Committees of Members to collaborate on specific subjects.

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