Coin Collecting & Gifts

Just as coins have been around for centuries, so have there been people who collect them.

From the casual collector who keeps a stash of everyday coins just because they look interesting, to the expert numismatist who knows everything about minting, people collect coins because of their worth. Either as works of art, mementos of significant events, people and places, or because of their inherent value as precious metals.

One of the simple joys of coin collecting is that it is so easy to begin – and it is relatively inexpensive to continue.

Get involved with a local coin collecting community to learn more about the hobby as well as the art and science of numismatics.
Your national mint will also offer helpful information for collectors and details on the coins they produce via both their website and direct mailing of newsletters and magazines.

What coins to collect

Circulating coins

The easiest way to start a coin collection is to save the coins you receive in your change. Everyday coins, known as circulating coins, often feature commemorative or other special designs, and make a great foundation for a new coin collection.

Uncirculated coins

Once you are ready to expand your collection, consider adding some of the uncirculated coins made for collectors. These may be special versions of circulating designs or specially designed collectibles, but are free from any damage or blemishes that circulating coins sometimes suffer. They also come in special packaging that sets them apart from regular coins.

Proof coins

If you wish to include serious investment pieces in your collection, look for proof coins, which are often made of precious metals such as gold or silver. The fewer coins made of each proof coin, the more valuable they are likely to become over time. Unique coins with special shapes, sizes or features will also give them added value.

Giving coins as gifts

The enduring beauty and value of coins also make them the perfect gift. Whether it is to mark a joyful occasion such as the arrival of a baby, celebrate a milestone birthday, or simply say thank-you, the gift of a precious coin can make the event even more memorable.

Buying coins

Coin dealers have a wide range of coins from years past, and can provide expert advice on the pieces you wish to buy. Check our list of recommended dealers to find one in your location.

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